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With over 25 years construction experience you can be assured that Grant and his team will provide you with a realistically priced, quality home.

If you are looking to build or buy in Geraldine, or you are just curious about what's involved, talk to Grant Sandrey. His commitment to you is honest business practices and quality homes.

"Born and bred in Geraldine, it is an ongoing delight to see my workmanship enjoyed by successive owners and their families. My repeat referrals keep me in touch with my clients and I enjoy a reputation as a good builder with a price guarantee. I live in a small town, my kids go to school here, why would I risk anything less?"
We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive. We have all the contacts and only work with the best. Contract management is our speciality, our draughtsman will design you a house that meets your needs, not someone else's, he'll incorporate that view, that aspect, and no it doesn't cost the earth to get your dream home.

Once you're happy with the plan, we look at options for cladding, roof styles, colours, I will show you examples of my work to help guide choices and combinations, and then we start work. I co-ordinate all the trades people, the kitchen will fit, the toilets will flush, the drive won't pond in winter, you can enjoy the process safe in the knowledge that professionals are in charge.

Be involved as much or as little as you like, and relax knowing you have a price guarantee, no nasty surprises before you get the keys to your dream home.

Remember what they don't tell you, or don't want to!

You'll never be a job number to us, you're a client with a name.

We will answer the phone when you ring.

We won't over-commit ourselves so you rarely see us.

Realistic timeframes so you can plan ahead.

We still get bulk buy discounts, just all our houses look different isn't that nicer?

No-one will walk in and say, oh it's just the same as ...

Individual homes stand the test of time. Make a good investment decision.
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